The only limits that exist are the limits you believe. 
-Wayne Dyer
If Only....

I had someone who understands what it takes to bring my work to fruition...

I had someone to help me take the next steps in my career...

I had someone to help me develop a spiritual practice that supports my career and my life....

I've been where you are.  Wondering if the answers really exist.  Wondering if suffering is the only way.  Choosing to work with a coach was the most pivotal action of my life.  In choosing to seek guidance, I began a journey of self-discovery, defined my values and developed a spiritual practice designed to guide and support me through my personal and professional life.  The shifts I made led me to choose a path that provided a platform for my great work AND fueled my soul. 

Today, I am more than a Pilates teacher.  I am a business owner, podcast host, inventor, designer of dreams and professional coach for movement practitioners.   My experience led me to cultivate my expertise and provide a much needed service for  movement professionals to access their voice, share their gifts and make income for their great work in a way that is spiritually aligned with their true purpose. 

 You're ready to take the next step.  All it takes is a little faith with a sprinkle of trust.  Together, we will reach the vision of the life you wish to be leading. 
Initial Discovery Session

 A one on one phone consult with Jenna where you'll: 

Clarify Your Coaching Needs 

Uncover The Obstacles That Are Holding You Back

Prioritize Areas For Development

Receive a Personalized Plan For Action


Three Month Transformation

Complimentary Discovery Session

12 Weekly One On One Video
Coaching Calls

Emailed Recording of All Calls

Unlimited Email Access

Complimentary Access to
Teach Happy Virtual Classroom
($495 value)


Group Coaching

Complimentary 30 min Discovery Session

12 Weekly Video Coaching Calls

Emailed Recording of All Calls

Unlimited Email Access During Series

50% Off Registration for
Teach Happy Virtual Classroom
($250 value)


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